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Laser Hair Removal for African American people and other people of ethnicity and color was once a risky procedure. We are happy to report this is no longer true! Using new YAG laser technology, we have done thousands of sessions of laser hair removal on people of color without complication. Uniquely designed lasers protect the skin while achieving excellent hair removal results. And, as we reduce the hair growth, we reduce the pigmentation changes and bumps (caused by ingrown hairs) that commonly arise. The results are often very dramatic and life changing!

Facial Hair in people of color:

We have conducted thousands of laser hair removal sessions on men and women with severe bumps on their face and neck. We have had outstanding results. These people were emotionally distraught over this facial hair and had tried numerous over the counter products without success. It is important to know you are not alone and we can help. 

Packages we offer:

We understand that many people have similar patterns of hair growth. For example, many women of color have hair growth on their face and neck while others may also have hair on their chest. We have designed discounted laser hair removal packages to meet the needs of people with hair in these common areas. 

Please contact us today at 843-769-2229 or email us at for more information or to schedule a consultation!

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