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The New Body Center is proud to offer the newest technology in laser vein removal using our Cynosure Laser System.

Spider veins or telangiectasias are the small, red, pink and blue blood vessels that appear most frequently on the face and leg. Varicose veins are usually larger in diameter and may appear raised with a bluish color.

Millions of people suffer from unsightly spider veins. Even though this condition poses no medical risk, many people would like to improve their cosmetic appearance. The procedure is fast, and effective, allowing the removal of multiple areas in just a few minutes, a true breakthrough in medical technology.



What does the treatment feel like?
A pulse of laser light feels like a small pinch or sting similar to the snap of rubber band against the skin. No local anesthesia is typically required and the procedure is tolerated well by majority of people. A prescription topical anesthetic can be provided for people with very sensitive skin. Following the treatment, the pain is usually minimal or nonexistent. 

How many treatments are needed?
Depending on the size of the veins, one to three treatments six weeks apart maybe required. If your body tends to develop vascular problems, you will most likely come back for additional treatments.

Does it hurt?
Some patients find the first laser treatment more uncomfortable than subsequent treatments. You may feel a stinging sensation during the treatment; however, use of topical anesthesia can greatly reduce that sensation.

What are the possible side effects?
Side effects are uncommon. Redness and/or mild swelling at the treatment site may occur, though this typically is gone within hours.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary for each patient depending on the type of laser procedure area of the body to be treated, and the number of treatments needed.

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