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Skin Flaws services offered in Charleston, SC

If you’re unhappy with certain skin flaws, covering them with makeup is a temporary fix that isn’t always available. At The New Body Center in Charleston, South Carolina, Kenneth Robinson, MD, treats birthmarks, veins, and moles, using the latest procedures and products. To schedule your initial evaluation for skin treatments, call The New Body Center or book an appointment online today.

Skin Flaws Q & A

What are skin flaws?

Skin flaws include blemishes, marks, and scars that impact your skin’s appearance. While most skin flaws do not compromise your skin’s health, some indicate an underlying condition that you need to address. 

Many skin flaws show up due to age or because of sun exposure. Others are with you for the entirety of your life. Your skin changes as you get older, and it doesn’t stay as tight, smooth, or even-toned as it did during your youth. 

At The New Body Center, Dr. Robinson encourages you to report any new skin blemishes. You should also let him know if you notice any skin flaws, such as moles and if they change in size, shape, or color. While the wide majority of blemishes are harmless, it’s important to be wary of skin cancer and seek a professional evaluation. 


What are some of the most common skin flaws?

Dr. Robinson specializes in diagnosing and treating various skin flaws using state-of-the-art practices and technology. A few common skin flaws he treats at The New Body Center include:



Birthmarks are discolored patches of skin that appear from the time you’re born. Some are vascular and take on a red or purplish appearance, while others are brown or tan. All are generally harmless. These are different from age spots, which appear over time but respond to similar treatments. 



Vascular skin flaws include varicose veins and spider veins, which look like tiny red or blue tree branches. Varicose veins rise above your skin’s surface level, while spider veins are flush against your skin and typically smaller. 


Moles and pigmented lesions

Moles are collections of highly pigmented cells on your skin. They vary in color and size. While most are noncancerous, it’s important to watch the moles and pigmented lesions for signs of change that can indicate skin cancer. However, you can also remove moles for cosmetic purposes. 


How are skin flaws treated?

You can treat your skin flaws if you don’t like how they look. At The New Body Center, Dr. Robinson welcomes you for an evaluation and treatment. Your options for skin flaws include:


The New Body Center offers laser therapy for skin flaws like pigmented lesions, veins, and birthmarks. 

To schedule your initial evaluation for skin flaw treatment, call The New Body Center or book an appointment online today.